Changing the future with stem cells | Crystal Ruff | TEDxLondonBusinessSchool by TEDx Talks   5 years ago

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Every single one of us is affected by diseases which stem cells could potentially treat in the future. Dr. Crystal Ruff explains what stem cells are and how they are changing the way we treat diseases.

Crystal is a keen investigator in the field of regenerative neuroscience and translational health research, with a proven track record of academic and performance excellence. Currently, she is a MBA2016 Candidate at the London Business School.
Professionally, Crystal’s expertise lies in stem cell therapies and their transition from the lab to the clinic, in order to help commercialize these strategies and get the best treatments out to the public. As a Postdoctoral fellow in the Fehlings lab, she spearheaded the stem cell therapy for Cerebral Palsy animal initiative in association with $20 million NeuroDevNet NCE and $10 million Ontario Brain Institute initiatives. Her work in knowledge translation of regenerative medicine involves several internationally-distributed documents, as well as information packages produced for the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy working group and CTV news.

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