FBE PODCAST | THE END of Emo Dad & Spoilers?!, Starting FBE/React, & Jay-Z Comments (Ep #6) by FBE   1 year ago

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FBE Podcast #6! Starting the company, early YouTube, and questions from you!
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We wanted to start a podcast for the 5% of folks who may be interested in who we are and what we do here at FBE behind the scenes. Hopefully this gives us a chance to hang out and actually respond to viewers who are into that kinda thing.

So send us questions using the #FBEPodcast hashtag! Let us know what you'd like this show to become! Should we talk about what we're actively shooting each week (spoilers for upcoming videos)? Or projects we're working on? Or thoughts on the current state of YouTube? Or just life in general? You decide!

So hang out! Follow us on SoundCloud, iTunes, or Google Play... you never know who might drop by. -Jon

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FBE PODCAST #6 | Starting FBE/React, Jay-Z Comments & THE END of Emo Dad & Spoilers?!

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