This One Brain Hack Backed By Science Will Change Your Life. Here's How. by Mel Robbins   2 years ago

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Mel Robbins explains the science behind The 5 Second Rule, a form of metacognition that beats every trick your brain plays on you to cause hesitation, overwhelm, procrastination, and overthinking.

Mel discusses the five research-backed principles you must master in order to redirect your thoughts, take control of your mind, and unlock the power of your decisions.

Learn more about this science on Mel's blog HERE:

Principle 1: Locus of Control

Principle 2: Behavioral Flexibility

Principle 3: Do Good, Be Good

Principle 4: The Golden Rule of Habits

Principle 5: Activation Energy

"The 5 Second Rule: Transform your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage" launches February 28, 2017. To pre-order your copy, click here:

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