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Have you ever been afraid of doing something that you wanted to do? When we encounter something that we fear, there are three natural reactions. People either fight, take flight or freeze up. Up until the age of 28, personal branding expert Leonard Kim spent most of his life taking flight or freezing up, which caused him to struggle with failing friendships, a dismal love life and foundering career. Through a period of self-reflection, he came to the realization that his fears were an indicator that he was onto something great that would connect with others across the world.

By letting his fears guide him, Leonard has been able to completely reshape his life. Now Leonard is recognized as a top marketing influencer by Forbes, a top personal branding expert by Entrepreneur and a top digital and youth marketer by Inc. Magazine. He shares a simple three step process that will allow you to let your fears guide you and go down the path to your pursuit of greatness.

Title by Julia Arthur. To learn more about Leonard Kim, managing partner at InfluenceTree, visit LeonardKim.com

Leonard Kim

Personal Branding Expert
Up to the age of 28, Leonard Kim struggled with failing friendships, a dismal love life, and floundering career. He overcame his struggles through an unlikely source: letting fear guide him. Today, he's recognized as a leading marketing influencer by Forbes, a top digital and youth marketer by Inc. Magazine, and personal branding expert by Entrepreneur. He helps others become renowned thought leaders in their field of expertise. Leonard is a part of the digital marketing team at Keck Medicine of the University of Southern California and is the Managing Partner of the personal branding accelerator, InfluenceTree.com. He also enjoys eating cupcakes and spending his vacation days in New York at the Viceroy hotel.

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