Cooking at the Off Grid Cabin in the Woods - Woodstove, Firepit (WINTER PREPARATION) by TA Outdoors   9 months ago

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I do some cooking at the off grid cabin in the woods. I build a firepit with rocks, clean and install the woodstove. This is winter preparation at the off grid pallet wood cabin.

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The fall is here and the leaves are starting to turn into their autumn colours. The air is cooler and fresh and it finally feels like autumn in the woods. Join me as I start to prepare for winter at the pallet wood cabin. First I build a firepit with large rocks. Then I setup a fire bridge as part of my cooking setup. It has various pot hangers and a grill. I chop some wood with the axe and get the fire going. Once the kettle is boiled I enjoy some fresh tea and relax in the forest listening to nature asmr.
Once rested, I begin work on cleaning the stove pipes (or flu's) of the woodstove. They had quite a build up of soot from previous burns so using a simple toilet brush with stiff bristles, I swept out the soot and put the woodstove in the cabin. Once the stove was lit, it was time to give it a test and cook some food on it. This time I opted for cast iron cooking and cooked up some fresh eggs and sausages. I then give you a run through of my Bushcraft backpack, which I use regularly now as a day pack. I am so pleased that we managed to save the cabin and move it to this woodland next to the bushcraft camp. It gives me more time to get the cabin and camp in order ready for the cold, winter months. I am looking forward to doing some solo overnight camps at both the bushcraft camp and cabin. Still plenty of work to do at the pallet cabin and hopefully next time I will bring my dad. Thanks for joining on the adventure! Building the pallet wood cabin has been an awesome wilderness adventure!



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