"Ryan, do you own...?" Moments from Let's Play Cloudberry Kingdom [20-24] by Random Snippets   1 year ago

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Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AmBbJcYenE&t=8s

Things Ryan may own (in Gavin’s words):
An electric de-corker
Sexual lubricant
A waste disposal sink thing
Dead pets or relatives
A camping stove
A bunsen burner
Bread clips
Caffeinated hot beverages
A security system
Ice trays
Any dust from previous hooverings still in your vacuum cleaner
Water filtration pieces of equipment
A replacement filter for your fridge
Organic produce
A soap dispenser that you have to put soap into and reuse
Cotton swabs
Hot dogs
Hue light bulbs
Packing peanuts
A book of stamps
Hair-removal cream
A voicemail recording machine
A dictaphone
A book of Magic Eye pictures
A worm light (GBA)
Expired condoms
A coat hanger that isn’t currently hanging clothing on it
[a series of things that I don’t know how to spell]
A car bin
A car jack
A birdfeeder
A picture-hang bullshit assist
A sudoku book
A third child
A crayon that has never been used
A CD drive
An alarm clock
A dustbuster
A racist lawn jockey
A box full of blood slides
A colander
A tent

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