Depression, Suicide and the Power of Hope | Gill Hayes | TEDxExeter by TEDx Talks   2 years ago

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Every day, 17 families in the UK lose a loved one to suicide. Four years after her own suicide attempt, Gill Hayes aims to bring hope to others by sharing her story of recovery from severe depression. In this powerful and deeply personal talk, she challenges the stigma surrounding mental illness and explains how we can all help to save lives by understanding depression.

A graduate in Linguistics and International Studies, marketing professional, Mum, and yoga-teacher. ‘Living the dream’ didn’t go quite according to plan when Gill became severely depressed. By sharing her story of recovery, Gill wishes to spread hope to other sufferers, challenge some of the beliefs around mental illness and encourage us to all to play a role in the mental health revolution.


At TEDxExeter 2017 our speakers explored ideas of HOPE - not wishing, not optimism, but hope - to challenge us and encourage us to keep moving forward to create a better world. Our playlist:

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