3 Ways to Increase Your Hand Speed by Stephen Clark   1 year ago

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There aren’t any quick fixes, shortcuts, or secrets to building fast hand speed. However, there are certain techniques that HAVE TO happen in order to play fast. If you aren’t incorporating these into your playing, that could be why you’re struggling to play fast. Today we’re talking about these specific techniques that are key to hand agility. We’ll talk about how to practice them and how to get your technique to the level where you need it. The cool thing about working on hand technique with a goal of speed is that you actually end up increasing your skill in a lot of other areas in the process. If you follow these steps, your grip will improve. Your rebound will be smoother and free-er. Your fingers will work alongside your wrists to control your sticks and allow you to play well quietly. Your overall playing will become less clumsy and more dynamic. You’ll have a wider dynamic range and a higher speed ceiling, accomplishing our goal of maintaining a high technique ceiling in our playing. These are all very good things, all worth practicing and working toward.

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