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Seer Murukku| Suthu Murukku | Handmade Murukku ( #156)

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Kai murukku or suthu murukku is a traditional savoury recipe. It is a compulsory snack in the seer bakshanam that is sent along with the bride when she goes to the groom's home after marriage. So it is also called as seer murukku. Traditionally the number of rounds of the murukku are made in odd numbers. They also make the murukku in different shapes like peacock, fan and swan.

It is displayed along with other bakshanam during the marriage. It is made using raw rice, butter, salt and Urad dhal. The making of this murukku require a lot of skill, practice and patience. If the width of the murukku is uneven then the murukku will not be crispy. It is a wonderful sight to see the ladies making this murukku during marriages with skill and adeptness.

Though it made using raw rice for functions since whatever offered to god shouldn't be prepared with already cooked items, an easier version is done using boiled rice for home consumption.

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