How To Install A New Mailbox Post And Box by Lowe's Home Improvement   6 years ago

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Your mailbox get a lot of use, so whether you are moving into a new home or need to update the current mailbox you have, here is how to do it.

Begin by removing the old mailbox. The tools needed are a spud bar, a post hole digger or shovel, a wheelbarrow, tape measure, screwdriver, post level, marking paint, gravel, a bag of concrete, a bucket for water, a mailbox post and a mailbox.

To begin mark where you are going to be digging the hole for the mailbox. The postal service recommend that mailboxes are 41-45 inches tall and set back from the curb 6-8 inches. Using a post hole or shovel, dig your hole about 20 inches deep. Pour about 6 inches of gravel in the hole. Stick the post in the hole and double check the height. Use a level to make sure the post is level. Pour the concrete in the hole, then pour about 3-4 inches of concrete in the hole. Wait about 40-45 minutes to let the cement dry, and add soil to the top of the concrete.

Next attach the post box to the post with screws. Screw the numbers onto the box as well. For more helpful videos visit

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