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We are uncovering the Montessori Method in "How to raise happy and innovative people”. Take a look at education through the eyes of a child-respecting approach to education. Practical suggestions and examples included! Enjoy!

Sylwia Camarda is an Italian focused on spreading the c Method in Poland, where she resides. She is a doctoral candidate in pedagogy and works as a researcher in various international projects targeted at education. She runs Villa Montessori - an international Montessori kinderagrten and the first international Montessori school in Poznan, the apple of her eye. She shares her passion with parents and educators worldwide to bring out the peaceful and respectful approach towards students and offer a new to bring outperspective of education. She is passionate about the Mayan culture and blogging about traveling with kids. If she had free time she would probably be saving the world but these days she spends every moment she can with her husband and wonderful sons.

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