Big Data: Fine Granularity Understanding: Damianos Xantziantoniou at TEDxAUEB by TEDx Talks   6 years ago

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Damianos Chatziantoniou
Damianos Chantziantoniou is an assistant professor in the Department of Management Science & Technology in AUEB, focusing on the field of Data Management & Analytics. He has published more than 30 articles at top conferences and journals, and his work has influenced a wide variety of technologies including the Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle's 8i and 9i systems and the ANSI SQL Standard. There are more than 11 U.S. patents using Damianos' research work as primary reference and more than 150 citations to his work, including 9 data management textbooks. Besides academia, Damianos has been involved in several technology start-up companies. Panakea Software Inc. (founder, 1998), based in New York City, developed and marketed database querying/reporting technology to make analytic tasks easier to express and faster to evaluate. VoiceWeb SA (founder, 2001), based in Athens, focused on speech & telecom applications. VoiceWeb is currently the leading company in the Balkans in speech-related applications. Damianos has also served in 2007-2008 as a senior research consultant in Aster Data Systems, a high-profile database technology start-up based on Silicon Valley, dealing with big data. Aster Data was acquired in March of 2011 by Teradata.


Seizing the opportunity the TEDx platform provides to Academic Institutions, we decided to organize the first TEDx event in a Greek University and introduce students to the concept of ideas worth spreading. The Athens University of Economics and Business is a place where the new generations of managers, marketers, developers, economists, entrepreneurs are being educated, and most importantly, a space where young people can interact, experiment and create new aspects and prospects of the Greek and not only economy and society. It is a unique environment to deliver a high quality TEDx experience from youth to youth, and have an actual impact and change to the students' life and community.

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