How to Stop Killer Cravings for Shark Fin Soup: Neil Hammerschlag at TEDxMIA 2012 Framing the Future by TEDx Talks   7 years ago

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Dr. Neil Hammerschlag is a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Miami and Director of the RJ Dunlap Marine Conservation Program. Neil is renowned for his research on sharks. Dr. Hammerschlag's goal has always been clear: utilize innovative research and education programs to study, and ultimately conserve our oceans and their top predators. In his TEDxMIA talk, Dr. Hammerschlag shares his unique experiences working up-close with sharks as well as explores strategies for conserving these magnificent, yet threatened predators. To learn more about Dr. Hammerschlag work, check out:

Presentation notes:
1) The exact number of sharks removed from the ocean each year by humans is unknown. A study by Shelley Clare and Colleagues, published in 2006, estimated that the fins of between 26 and 73 million sharks that are killed per year (some of which are from target fisheries, some of which were finned after being caught as bycatch) are sold in the Hong Kong fin market.
2) Shark attack statistics -- Source: International Shark Attack File

3) NY bite injury statistic -- Rounded up from data presented by the International Shark Attack File. Note: The New York State Department of Health reports that between 2008-2010, there were averages of 2,076 human-bite injuries treated at an emergency department, and 142 inpatient hospitalizations related to human-bite injuries in New York City.
4) Quote "sharks eat the dead, dying, deceased and dumb" attributed to Jim Abernerthy from the film "This is your Ocean: sharks"
5) A recent study from the University of Miami revealed that shark fins contain high concentrations of a neurotoxin called β-N-methylamino-L-alanine has been linked to diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and ALS.
6) Note -- Picture of shark fins drying in the market shows over 3,500 fins (not 35,000)
7) Photo credits: Neil & bull shark by Emma Smith; Neil & tiger shark by Aaron Whitemore; Shark fins drying in the market by Shawn Heinrichs

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