TEDxYouth@Khartoum, Halla M. Yagoub: Fear & Courage , Nov.26.11 by TEDx Talks   8 years ago

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Halla M. Yagoub, A 16 years old, born to a typical Sudanese family she lived a pretty normal life, until the age of six, then her whole life changed when she met Harry Potter. From then on her obsession with books began. she became as they say, a "Book Worm". "What greatness have I accomplished?" . Then she discovered that you don't have to actually do something that amazes the world. she made a promise to herself that she'll change the world one day that she'd be in history books. She's big at heart, soul and dreams. Her other passion is writing, poetry and short stories. She started writing at the age of 14, but kept to herself, till she found her outlet venue; The S.W.A.P. Open Mic in Khartoum where she felt like she belonged and understood. There she discovered her talent. "If it was you speaking I'd listen to you because I believe that everyone wants to be heard and so do I". She talks about fear and how it should not be what control our whole life; by using man's most powerful weapon; power of will and bravery.

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