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Research has shown that it is necessary to facilitate the development of children's minds toward logical reasoning, creative problem solving and out-of-the box thinking. In this entertaining, thought-provoking talk, Jan de Lange shows us how stimulated play gives parents and educators the opportunity to play a vital role in this process - and help our young children to develop unexpected cognitive competencies.

In 2011 Jan de Lange was awarded the lifetime achievement award for design and development in math-and science education (EDDIE) from the International Society for Design and Development in Education. His impressive career began with ten years teaching at secondary schools and universities and led him into research and 25 years of leadership at the Freudenthal Institute of the University of Utrecht. The confrontations with the realities of teaching and learning mathematics steered him in the direction of how to design methods and formats to learn mathematics without anxiety for students. In later years his focus moved into the early years of the scientific thinking resulting in the Curious Minds Project.

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