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After a dark and stormy night blowing their ship off course, a group of 12 survivors find themselves stranded on the remote, jungle island of Karamja. With nothing left to defend themselves but sticks and growing ever hungry, the regime embarks on a mission to find substance. What they do find, however, is of much greater value. Discovering a way inside the island's volcano, they find a secret passageway to the fabled Tzhaar city, home to beings made of lava and home to the obsidian weaponry. With nothing left to offer in exchange for nourishment, the 12 decide to enlist in the Tzhaar military in exchange for food and shelter. After 3 years of serving and fighting in countless battles, the 12 find themselves masters of the obsidian combat and are honorably discharged with the highest honor a Tzhaar or human can obtain. With their biceps chiseled like that of the gods and combat knowledge years beyond their age, the 12 form a clan of human tzhaar hybrid warriors, and travel to Bounty Hunter where they intend to create their first clan compilation pk video to generate enough money to fund their soon to be opening pizza shop

HUGE shoutout to those who submitted clips for this video, as well as a special thanks to I Cant Hit, Sleyr, ToLumbYouGo, Dextaah, Lolpureful, Kopen, E X O D l A, Yokkao, Zebrahouse, Pithed, and Nanlover96 for giving the best quality clips. Also, big shoutout to Reverse for making the Obby CC banner at the end of the video, and Zigza & Ice Poseidon for shouting out our clan on stream.

If you're an obby mauler with at least 75+ strength and 55+ slayer, and are interested in joining Obby CC, feel free to contact "Ult Ironman" in-game or add his discord "Ult Ironman#2704"

Netsky - Eyes Closed
MitiS - Born

I uploaded my music only for entertainment. These public tracks aren't to make money, but are just a form of promo for the artists involved. Copyright is not intended.

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