The Iron Man Title or a 9-5 Desk Job. The Choice was simple | Chaitanya Velhal | TEDxMITID by TEDx Talks   3 years ago

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Chaitanya Velhal, the Iron Man, didn't need a backup plan.
He set on his path, not with a job or a pocket coins full coins, but his love for cycling, his confidence and his motivation.

A professional Athlete currently sponsored by Multifit Wellness PVT LTD and Cymour Cycling Company. He has a Master Degree in Biotechnology from Australia with 3 year job experience as a research scientist. Moved into the health and sport industry full time since 3 years. Has a big lust to travel and have travelled across South East Asia, America and Australia.
Currently is concentrating on Ultra Endurance Sports with an aim to complete the Ironman in in 2016 and the Race Across America (RAAM) which is a 3000 mile west to east coast race in 2017. Apart from racing is a coach too and helping upcoming athletes achieve their racing goals.

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