A brighter future in spinal cord injury treatment | Pétur K. Guðmundsson | TEDxReykjavík by TEDx Talks   6 years ago

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Pétur speaks about how we currently are handling the issue of spinal cord injury and why we are doing it wrong. He will share with us the technological advances currently being made in treatment options. He challenges our current views of this issue and argues that the wheelchair isn't a solution.

Pétur is a film-maker and director who suffered a life-changing accident climbing a rock in Austria a little over 3 years ago. The accident resulted in spinal cord injury and Pétur was told he would never walk again. However, using leg braces, he stood up from his wheelchair about 8 months after the accident and still uses them to walk.

About Pétur's film, Heild: www.heildfilm.com
Pétur's film company, Trailer Park Studios: www.trailerparkstudios.net

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