Ep 2: Beneath the Canopy | SEARCH ON by Google   1 year ago

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When saving the Amazon comes down to one tribe and an old cell phone. Google’s docuseries ‘Search On’ tells the stories of people on a quest for better answers and the magic that happens at the intersection of tech and humanity. Watch the series: http://yt.be/SearchOn

Can old cell phones and machine learning help stop deforestation? The Tembé tribe from the central Amazon hopes so. In collaboration with Rainforest Connection, an environmental nonprofit, the Tembé are using old cell phones hidden in trees and TensorFlow, Google’s open-source machine learning tool, to listen for sounds of illegal logging.

Director: Gandja Monteiro
Cinematographer: Pierre de Kerchove
Editors: Daniel Weber & Bruno Tore
Producers: Marcello Maximo, Raphael Bottino, Jon Campbell
Production company: Prodigo Films
Google Brand Studio

Go deeper into this episode of Search On and learn more about the Tembé at http://g.co/rainforest and Rainforest Connection at https://rfcx.org/

A special thanks to the Ministério da Justiça e Segurança Pública | FUNAI - Fundação Nacional do Índio.

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