Hollow Knight Boss Discussion - Soul Master by Perpetual Noob   2 years ago

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Note: The Space Jam might be a tad loud. Just a head's up.

What's going on Noobs? Welcome to the fourth video of my Hollow Knight Boss Discussion series! This is a series where we'll be discussing each boss in the game Hollow Knight. We'll be discussing where you can find each boss, how I beat each boss and what other tactics you'd have available that I'd believe would work as well to defeat said boss, and what's each boss's story and how does that fit into the world of Hollow Knight.

Today we are discussing the boss, Soul Master. Soul Master is like the mad scientist of Hallownest and like a mad scientist, they are erratic, over confident, and prone to anger. And there's some Space Jam in here too!

Skip ahead to the Lore: https://youtu.be/LJBv_Iebi_c?t=12m34s

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This video is part of a series. Check out the rest of Hollow Knight's bosses here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2ds2TkBvdK3PT9yuHoDMaaHebVyOmCl1

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Hollow Knight is an independently-developed game developed by Team Cherry Games. Hollow Knight is a 2D side-scrolling game mixing Metroidvania-style gameplay and Dark Souls-style story and atmosphere. The player takes the role of the silent protagonist investigating what has happened to the kingdom of Hallownest, discovering its secrets while exploring a vast world.

Hollow Knight is released on Steam, Windows, Mac, Linux, and Nintendo Switch. You can purchase Hollow Knight here: https://hollowknight.com/


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