[C-POP IN PUBLIC] WAYV - Regular 理所当然 Dance Cover by ABK Crew by ABK Crew   10 months ago

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Our members were so excited for WayV’s debut that we had to cover this! We put all our energy into this one, and had so much fun putting it together!

Kun - Imogen @momo.1808
Ten - Joseph @_jgegidio
Lucas - Renee @reneeedawn
Xiaojun - Saiya @_i.am_saiya
Yangyang - Jacinta
Winwin - Nhi @nhimofish
Hendery - Alex @pixiehabits

Filming: Jen
Editing: Jen

Big thanks to our friends that came to our filming and supported us! This was one of our favourite covers to film, even though we got told off for making too much noise.

#wayv #regular

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