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Barbie Custom Doll Makeover Transformation (#10: Galaxy Barbie) Hey guys! For this Barbie custom doll makeover transformation, Barbie is getting a Galaxy style! I gave her a simple makeover by rerooting her hair with bright galaxy colors, curling her hair & giving her a new outfit. I love how she turned out so much! Let me know what you'd like to see me do next custom Barbie doll in the comments! Maybe celebrity dolls? :D

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I learned how to curl Nylon doll hair from this video! (By denisa medrano) -

The galaxy nylon doll hair kit I used is from

I bought my rerooting tool from, and I used a Hot Tools 3/8 inch curling iron to curl the doll hair!

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✘ Rerooting/Doll Customization is intended for adult/teen doll collectors due to the process, sharp materials and the potential of ruining your doll. The fashion dolls I use may be modified, customized, and are intended for doll collectors. This also applies to the handmade props, clothes, and other features used.

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