When Someone Starts Humming the Game of Thrones Theme by CollegeHumor   4 years ago

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Bum bum bah dah bum bum bah dah bum bum bah dah dah...

Funny Or Die and we came up with the same idea at the same time! check out their version:

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Pat - Pat Cassels
Siobhan - Siobhan Thompson
Zac – Zac Oyama

Writer – Siobhan Thompson
Director - Greg Stees
Producer - Julia Bales
Production Coordinator – Lauren Davis
Cinematography - Alex Pollini
1st Assistant Camera - Matt Read
Gaffer – Brett Frager
Art Directors - Clayton Beisner
Marcy Silver
Wardrobe – Lauren Davis
Sound Mixer– Chris Bennett for BoTown Sound
Production Assistant - Colin DeMartini
Intern – Ori Ravid

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