Make the only Madeleine in the world / 세상 단하나뿐인 마들렌 만들기 factory09 북성로 공구빵 / Korean street food by Eat Now   4 weeks ago

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Factory09 Madeleine
Price - bolt 1,200 nut 1,500 spanner 1,800KRW

Bukseongno in Daegu enjoyed its heyday as the nation's largest
tool alley in the 70s and 80s. But once so proud that the phrase
"all you have to do is to make a tank," the street went through the
IMF bailout crisis and went down the road People leave and the
game is not as good as it used to be. Such a sluggish distance
has recently begun to bring about a surprising change.

Made on the spot, Madeleine is famous.
factory09 use good materials to make them more carefully.
This bread introduces a tool shape, a signature of Bukseongno,
to provide.

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