BTS (방탄소년단) - Intro + IDOL (MMA Special Stage) Dance Cover by ABK Crew @ SYDNEY KOREAN FESTIVAL 2019 by ABK Crew   6 months ago

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- 3RD PLACE -Earlier this month we participated in the Sydney Korean Festival’s Kpop contest! It was such an honour to be invited to compete at this amazing competition. For our first interstate performance, we’re so proud of our result and can’t wait to compete again in the future! We’re beyond grateful and it’s an experience we’ll never forget. We prepared a super special stage for the event so we hope you enjoy the video!

RM - James (@jamavellanoza)
Jin - Jasmine (@snazzyy_jazzyy)
Suga - Georgia (@931trbl)
J-hope - Caitlin (@caitlin_mary)
Jimin - Marred (@red_mapula)
V - Rose (@rosset_)
Jungkook - Larissa (@larig141)

Filming: Kris and Andrew
Editing: Caitlin
Intro music edit by Nhi Nguyễn:
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