Brooklyn Gets Asked to Homecoming in Front of School | Behind the Braids Ep.12 by Cute Girls Hairstyles   3 years ago

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In this week's #BehindTheBraids family vlog we partnered with Nintendo to show you what it's like to run a carpool with a family of eight, and you'll get to watch Brooklyn get asked to Homecoming in front of the whole High School, and see if Kamri has any luck while out fishing!

Because we spend so much time running carpools (Shaun and I often in different cars, with a different set of kids, going opposite directions), its nice to bring some entertainment along to help the kids pass the time! We often bring homework, books, healthy snacks and our Nintendo 3DS systems! The latter allows you to play along with your kids, in 3D if you want, and offers Parental Controls to restrict 3D mode for children 6 and under! Between dance, gymnastics, soccer, piano, voice, coding, and volleyball... we spend a LOT of time waiting in the car, so we have to be creative in how to pass the time!

So, Brooklyn was asked to Homecoming during her school's pep rally this week... IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE HIGH SCHOOL! Brooklyn and Parker are both huge "The Office" fans, so they used inside jokes from the show in how they asked and answered each other. Super cute!

Lastly, since we have a few creeks and ponds nearby that are full of bass and blue gill, our kids have really taken to fishing! (Kamri loves it and is even thinking of joining the Jr High school's fishing team!) She and Rylan have a running competition to see who can hook the largest fish. Come along with Kamri and Shaun to see if the fish are biting!

We even included a CGH Flashback to 2005 when the kids were showing us their gymnastics moves! I miss those days!

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