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All Kingdom Hearts Series - Super Bosses

I know that i am missing a lot of secret bosses. Some of them i forgot to add in the video. So what i will do is make a follow up video along with the new kingdom hearts 2.8 game as well as soon as i make enough money to get a ps4.

So i do apologize for missing some of the bosses through out the series.

This video showcases All Optional Bosses from All the Kingdom Hearts Series. I put all the Optional boss clips in order of the game year here are the list.

Time Stamps Are Available For Mobile Devices In The Comment Section Below.

KH1.5 HD Kurt Zisa 0:00

KH1.5 HDPhantom 12:50

KH 1.5 HD Sephiroth 23:43

KH1.5 HD Unknown aka Xemnas 33:55

KH2.5 HD Sephiroth 46:47

KH2.5 HD Terra Optional Boss 52:07

KHBBSFM Mysterious Figure 58:27

KHBBSFM Vanitas Lingering Spirit 1:25:14

KHBBSFM Armor Eariques 1:27:30

KHBBSFM No Heart 1:30:25

KHBBSFM Red Eyes 1:38:27

KHDDD Julius 1:54:04

I forgot to add the ice titan fight in this video and I do apologize for.

So with that been said I hope you enjoy this video thanks for watching.

Update for 2017

I really would like to say thank you to everyone who watch this video and helped me reach my first 4 k view on a video really i do. This video i did 7 months ago only had 178 views which was good for me no matter what but i did not expect anyone to watch this old video from 2016.

You all manage to sky rocket my view count so fast then i ever seen before that it went from 1,301 views to 4,341 view + more with in a week and i have never had this happen to me ever and it's all thanks to everyone who watch this 7 month old video.

I am still puzzling out how did everyone find this video all of a sudden when it was really old and now it's 2017 well what ever it maybe i will not ask question just go with the flow.

Also i would like to say thank you for 156 subscriber. It may not sound like a lot but it is to me it is because it happen so fast in a week so thank you so much ladies and gentleman.

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