The Good Perfomance of 70's Hard Rock Songs in the Voice by RB Rock   8 months ago

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Now at this time of year I bring another special video, this time with Hard Rock songs by artists from the 70s, we have here Free, AC / DC, Steppenwolf, Toto, among others, some very interesting perfomances, and also moment of Overcoming, as of the Competitor Fabián Barros of The Voice Ecuador, who even very nervous, managed to continue the song and uttered the voice in the end.

See below the information of the singers
ไนท์ วิทวัส - Highway to Hell (The Voice Thailand)
Adrian Corlaciu - Born to Be Wild (The Voice Romania)
Cristina Rueda - All Right Now (The Voice Spain)
Matt Hetherington - Evie (The Voice Australia)
Fabián Barros - Hold the line (The Voice Ecuado)

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