Loss: A gift for creation | Fotini Tsalikoglou | TEDxAthens by TEDx Talks   5 years ago

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Transforming suffering in the art living. Yes! It is possible.

Life s losses transform us into potential creators.

We carry a powerful antidote to despair.

Born in Athens, Fotini Tsalikoglou studied Psychology at the University of Geneva under Jean Piaget. She is currently Professor of Psychology at Panteion University in Athens, where she teaches Criminal Psychology and Clinical Psychology through Literature and Art.

Her scientific books include: ‘’The myth of the dangerous mentally ill,’’ ‘’Mythologies of violence and repression,’’ ‘’The psychology of everyday life," ‘’Psychology: The traps of the self-evident,’’ ‘’Soul in the land of things’,’ ‘’Schizophrenia and murder: In search for the lost paradise’’

Author of many novels including: ‘’I dreamed I was well,’’ ‘’Eros pharmakopoios,’’ ‘’All of the worlds Yes’’ ‘’I, Martha Freud,’’ ‘’The daughter of Anthi Alkaiou,’’ ‘’8 hours 35 minutes,’’ ‘’Mipos,’’ (with M. Karapanou) ‘’You don t love me, you love me," "’The paradox of maternal love (the letters of M.Lyberakis to her daughter M. Karapanou," and the fairy tale ‘’Τhe fairy of the Earth.’’

Her novels have been translated in many languages.

Scientific director of documentary t.v. films on issues related to social exclusion, madness, women prisons, narrating life as a novel.
She is a regular contributor to Athenian newspapers (Vima) and magazines commenting on the current social scene.

Carrying the reader at the crossroads of science and art, Tsalikoglou’s work probes into the internal, agonizing conflicts and dilemmas of human existence.’

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