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» This is a humble video-edit pretending the events through Person of Interest’s s5e10 to s5e13 were all a simulation, a “game” set in Team Machine’s subway’s Faraday-cage. Both, the Machine and Samaritan, run their possible outcomes based on what they have learned since being operative and online. There are many ways the story could follow, this is only one of the countless possibilities. Hope you enjoy! ~

» It is only available on PC, neither mobile phones nor tablets will work, I’m really sorry for that!

00:00 Official Person of Interest’s series finale from 5x13
02:11 Beginning of sequence
05:02 Ending

» No matter what, Person of Interest will always be a show to look up to for many of us. There are no words to describe the amount of emotions emanating from its story, as well as the cast and crew who worked on it for so many years. We are nothing but grateful to every single person who made it possible and wished for it to still be on our screens.

» There’s a lot this show can offer if given a chance for a continuation. In hopes of being heard by Netflix, Warner Brothers, CW, HuluPlus, NBC, FOX and Amazon (among others), there are some petitions for you to join the fight…

…as to revive Person of Interest as a whole:

…or finding Root and Shaw (portrayed by Amy Acker and Sarah Shahi) a new home:

You can check out this website too, where you can find more people willing to fight for a reboot:

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» Ending song: "The XX – Intro"

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