How To Make Him Miss You Long Distance - These 6 Things Make Him CRAVE You! by Mark Rosenfeld   3 years ago

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Do you ever think to yourself, "How to make him miss you?” “How to make a man miss you?”

A dating and relationship advice question I get asked a lot by women is "What do I do to make my long-distance boyfriend miss me and how do I make him crave me?” or “How do I make a guy miss me from a long distance?”

Giving dating and relationship advice to women on long distance relationships is a challenging part of being a dating and relationships coach. Many couples who have a long-distance relationship or who simply people who met online wonder how to make the other person miss them, and for the woman, how to get a guy to miss you is a challenging and important question.

If you have a boyfriend or met a guy who lives far away, then you’ve probably thought about how to make him miss you. Many women think that their boyfriends forget about them when they move away but now you can make sure he misses you, or, if you only met online, can ensure the guy you met misses you and is excited to move things forward with you from a long distance.

When a woman comes to me saying "Mark how do I make him miss me?" or “What do I do to make him crave my presence from a long distance?” my first thought is "Great Question! This woman obviously knows how important making a guy emotionally miss her is (if she wants things to move forward in the future) and that giving him these positive emotional experiences so that he misses he is essential to making a long-distance relationship or connection work.”

In this dating advice video from Make Him Yours, I (Mark Rosenfeld, dating and relationships coach) am discussing how to make a guy miss you long distance and the 6 things that make him crave you.
If you’re a long way away from the guy you like, these 6 important principles of making a guy miss you will help you ensure he misses you long distance and has the emotional motivation to make things work with you in the future.

Knowing how to make a guy miss you just as much as you miss him will help your relationship work and survive the long distance over time, and help a guy who’s not your boyfriend want you and miss you from a distance. In either case, when you’re back together, you and him can find love.

If you've felt like you miss the guy you care about but he may not be missing you as much then this is the video for you on making him miss you (making a guy miss you) from a long distance.

This dating and relationships advice video is my comprehensive guide to the six things that will make him crave you in a long distance relationship. In it, I describe how to make a guy miss you, how him missing you will make your relationship stronger and how it can make the reunion even more romantic.

Enjoy the video guys! This is Mark Rosenfeld, dating and relationships coach from Make Him Yours ??

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Mark Rosenfeld is the Australian dating and relationship coach for women and the founder of Make Him Yours, a dating advice and relationship advice service empowering women to find the love they desire.

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