Evolution Of SONIC DROWNING In The Sonic The Hedgehog Series (1991-2018) Genesis, GBA, PC & More! by Master0fHyrule   2 years ago

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You venture in the water in the Sonic The Hedgehog Series, all of a sudden, the Drowning Music Theme starts playing, You Panic, Sonic only has so much time before he Drowns, if you don't get an Air or an Air Bubble, you will Die and possibly get a Game Over. The Sonic Drowning Theme has always Triggered fans to quickly rush and panic to survive. In This video, we take a look at The Evolution Of Sonic Drowning in The Sonic The Hedegehog Series along with all the Drowning Themes as well (which actually isn't in all games). Sonic's Drowning Death Animation has changed over time for the most part.

Thanks to Dylan 718 for Sonic Forces Clip:

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