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Does your mind sometimes feel so cluttered that you're too distracted to stay present in your own life? Researcher Nima Veiseh, who has been diagnosed with a highly superior memory, offers his techniques for tuning in to what's important and finding harmony -- even when your brain hits sensory overload.

Nima Veiseh researches at the intersection of systems, sustainability and design. As a designer and painter, he is the founder of 'Dress Abstract', a sustainable clothing line, and his art has been internationally showcased in galleries in New York & London. As an academic, he dedicates his research toward exploring issues of sustainability and balance within the real-life structures around us. Veiseh’s unique perspective is enabled by Hyperthymesia, an extremely rare condition of having highly superior memory. Hyperthymesia is known to affect 50 people worldwide, and means he remembers every day of his life like film since the age of 15. Hyperthymesia allows him to both paint and perform research, by enabling him to see life in terms of many layers and systems.

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