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From the American TV series 90210 (a 2008-2013 spin-off of the hit 1990s TV series "Beverly Hills, 90210").

It’s about the lives and loves of several wealthy students attending West Beverly Hills High School, California. The Teddy storyline will be in 5 parts - 4 more parts to come, 1 part each week over the next 4 weeks.

About Teddy
Teddy is the quintessential all-American golden boy. He grew up around the entertainment industry, being the son of a two-time-Oscar-winning actor. He comes from a very rich family but isn’t pretentious at all. While he doesn’t have a rich kid attitude he does have a deserved reputation for chasing the ladies. He attended Exeter private high school on the East Coast but transferred (in S2) to West Bev High. He let everyone believe that he got kicked out of Exeter because of his womanising. He plays tennis, and is hoping for a professional tennis career. He is dating Erin Silver (who goes by her last name), though it’s a very rocky on-off relationship.

In Part 1 (S3 E01-06)
Teddy and his group of friends start their senior year. Teddy and Silver are still dating but they have a big argument after Teddy injures his leg, which could possibly end his tennis career, and he gets drunk. The next morning, he wakes up naked in a hotel bed and finds a note from someone telling him how much they enjoyed the hook up. Teddy later finds out he slept with a male student from West Bev High named Ian. Teddy confronts Ian, who assures him that he won't tell anyone they hooked up.

Teddy keeps bumping into Ian at school and is worried that people will find out what happened. They end up having a fight and are given detention – during which the principal gets them to clean the school gutters of leaves. They make up and Ian tells Teddy he will be there for him if he ever needs to talk.

Teddy can’t get his growing feelings for Ian out of his mind. He struggles with his sexuality and finally admits to himself that he is gay. One night he visits a gay bar alone but finds he has lost his wallet, and phones Ian to ask for help. As Ian drives him home, Teddy confides that he has been questioning his sexuality for years, but that he's always tried to ignore the feelings. He reveals that he actually left his previous school Exeter of his own accord because he could not cope with the feelings he had for his room-mate Tripp Willinson. This conversation brings Teddy and Ian closer as friends.


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