How To Start A Clothing Brand In 2019 by Nate The Mate   11 months ago

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How To Start A Clothing Brand In 2019. Everything I wish I knew and have learned over the years.

Resource I made for ya:

What is going on my mates! Hope everyone has been doing well. Fun times are over dude, we gotta get serious and talk about how to start a clothing brand in 2019. I've had a lil experience over the years and may have a nice piece of valuable information for you. If you watch this and go "eff this guy he doesn't know what he's talking about I'm gonna do it my own way". All jokes aside, you'd honestly be on the right track. Do things your way; still filter through and pick out good pieces of advice from others but do things your way, ways that it has never been done before. Dang I'm sounding cringey again, but for real, blaze new trails boi. Not just for clothing, for anything.

Hope you enjoyed that weird lil tidbit up there, if you got something valuable from this, please let me know. Pls enjoy my take on how to
start a clothing brand in 2019. Love u mates.

********** ADDITIONAL RESOURCES **********

Get samples made:

Label Printer:

(In the vid I said they were around $150 buy they $200 :/ don't hurt me)

Shipping Supplies Website:

Accounting Software (free):

Manufacturing Website:

Shipstation(Make Shipping Easy):

Shopify 14 day Free Trial Ooooh:

Buy Postage From Home:

NONE of these are affiliate links, I genuinely made this because I want to help some mates get started with their project(s). Feel free to DM me on IG or comment on this vid. Love y'all. -Nate the Mate

Time Stamps (I know this is a long one haha)

0:00 - 2:48 - My background in building brands, making stuff, and selling stuff on the internet (my credentials lmao)

2:48 - 5:20 - Things you will need

5:20 - 7:35 - Getting product made

7:35 - 9:14 - Designing t-shirts and logos

9:14 - 11:54 - Website/Bank Account/Paypal

11:54 - 16:02 Shipping

16:02 - 20:00 - How to stand out from the rest/what I wish I knew

20:00 - End - Boring Outro

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