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After having witnessed the post-war political and social swings which saw a wipe-out of some key educators in the country, Mr. Khan Bophan grew up aspiring to become an educator. He went on to become a teacher, consultant, researcher, curriculum developer, graduated Ph. D in linguistic in Macquarie university, visual literacy specialist, and a proud husband and father. He will be celebrating his 20th anniversary in the teaching profession - an illustrious career that he has taken pride in, touching and saving lost souls. Through his research and development of alternative approaches to learning, having pioneered visual and multi-modal literacies in Cambodia, He will address the issue of surviving with Generation Alphas, emphasize the need to close the generation gap and showcase a way to become adept at maneuvering platform-jumping digital communication spheres populated by these netizens - visual literacy. Playing the right cards, we will be learning, not competing with one another . As an IT Security Officer and a Lecturer, Mr. Chatovong has been striving to ensure that the vulnerability of people won’t be exploited in the breeding ground of social networking sites. Back in 2007, he pursued a bachelor degree in Computer Science and sought to successfully complete a master degree in Cyber Security in the United Kingdom. With knowledge and years of personal and professional experience, Mr. Chatovong has noticed how cyber criminals deceive, persuade, and influence people in order to gather their information, which clearly is a threat to human weakness. This is known as “Social Engineering” and recognized as one of the most dangerous cybercrimes.

In his upcoming TEDx Talk, Mr. Sambathchatovong will have you explore more beyond what is usually known when it comes to IT and Cyber Security. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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