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After spending weeks on end slaving in his bakery providing bread for the masses, a full time pker part time baker decides he needs to take a mental health week and books a cruise to the island of Neitiznot. With crisp northern air and an endless supply of Yak meat, there could be no better vacation destination. Little did he know, that the glacier season was upon him in the northern seas and the boat was ironically named "Titanic 2" but alas he proceeded. Within a few hours of the ships sailing, the boat was hit by an iceberg, throwing all of its passengers offboard and sinking. The pker, who was the only survivor, barely managed to swim his way to the nearby Waterbirth Island. Stranded until the next Fremmenik expadition arrives, he's left with nothing more than a piece of driftwood to defend himself from the hostile locals; the rock crabs. 6 months go by, and his skill with the stick increases. Before long, the man has become self sustainable, accepting that Waterbirth was now his home, the rock crabs were his food, and that this stick was his ultimate weapon. That was, until Jarvald, the Fremmenik explorer, dropped another ironman off at Waterbirth to loot seaweed, which he had been doing for those 6 months anyway but who really keeps track of that. Salvation was in sight at last. The pker took the ironman's draconian dagger, slayed Jarvald, hijacked the ship, and set sail for Bounty Hunter where he intends to hone his skills with the stick by jabbing the jugular of his enemies and baking them into the pastry treat of the week

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a l e x ₓ Kendall Miles - Wasting Time [EP Preview]

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