Almost the Longest & Deepest Canal & Railway Tunnels in Britain by Martin Zero   1 year ago

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In this video we Urban explore Urbex the Standedge Canal and Railway tunnels. They are almost the longest and deepest Canal and Railway Tunnels in Britain. They run deep under the pennine hills in West Yorkshire. We explore the two Underground abandoned disused Railway tunnels. We also get a glimpse of the Underground Huddersfield Narrow Canal that runs deep under the Pennine hills. This is a wonderful look at the industrial past and railway architecture. They have deep shafts that are up to 500 feet deep that run down from the Pennine hills above. This is an explore of a disused railway tunnel and an underground canal. These Underground tunnels are very long and dark and scary.
Music By Martin. Sample of noise taken from a song called 'Stanlow' by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
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