Top 10 Everyday Things That Prove Your Life Is a Lie by BE AMAZED   1 year ago

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This video shows some everyday things and funny pictures that prove "your life is a lie". These revolve around things you used to think were always a certain way but in fact you just didn't know the exact truth behind them.
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Be Amazed at these 10 everyday things and the lies we were wrong to believe about them! The Magic 8-Ball is practically hollow - Bear Grylls eats behind the scenes. The Weasley twins don't have ginger hair, Carlton's Dance isn't entirely his own creation - Fans of the 90's sitcom hit, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air will immediately, recognise this iconic dance performed by Alfonso Ribeiro, who plays Carlton Banks in the show.

Hawaiian pizza, the iconic pizza featuring pineapple rings or chunks with bacon and other toppings, is at least from Hawaii, right? Actually, it isn't, nor is it liked by the hawaiin population more than any other population! It's a culture-spanning lie! Wooden pavers aren't all what they seem - Hello Kitty isn't a cat. What's disturbing is that our mate 'Barry Scott' is a lie. He doesn't exist, they made him up, probably to fool us into thinking he was a very average bloke and not at all an actor. Turns out 'Barry Scott' is really NEIL BURGESS, an actor who, with a simple google, isn't really the cleaning guru we've been led to believe he was. The Powerball isn't a ball! You may be familiar with these dishwasher detergent tablets that have are advertised as having a 'POWERBALL' centred in the middle of the tablet but this was just a big fat marketing lie!

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