Emergency water discharge from the dam. Recent collections. (HD) by FailDaSK   2 years ago

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Emergency water discharge from the dam Recent collections. (HD)

World Amazing Modern Latest Intelligent Technology Heavy Equipment mechanical engineering. The incredible power of water. Discharge of water from the dams around the world. USA, France, Russia and other.


Saratov HPP Zeya HPP, Nizhnekamsk HPP, the Three Gorges power plant, Itaipu hydroelectric, Guri hydroelectric station, Tucurui hydroelectric power station, the Grand Coulee hydroelectric, Robert-Bourassa hydroelectric Falls, Churchill hydroelectric, Dam Luntan HPP Yakireta HPP, Tarbela Dam hydroelectric, Ertan Dam hydroelectric power station , Ilha Solteira Dam hydroelectric, Xingó HPP, Gezhouba Dam hydropower plant, Nurek, La Grande-4 hydroelectric power stations, hydroelectric dam Bennett, Chief Joseph Dam hydroelectric power station, Manic-5 (Daniel Johnson) HPP, Niagara Falls (US) HPP.

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