Climate Science 1; There is No "Greenhouse Effect" by 1000frolly PhD   4 months ago

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This video is the first in a series which will outline the scientific reasons why a new null hypothesis of climate change is needed, and what is wrong with the current one, which assumes a 33c surface enhancement from the so-called "Greenhouse Effect" of "Greenhouse Gases".
it will be shown that there is another cause of this surface thermal enhancement, and that the so-called "Greenhouse Gases" cannot be responsible for it.
The 'greenhouse effect' is where a 33c atmospheric thermal enhancement at the Earth's surface, is alleged to be caused by a class of gases called 'greenhouse gases'.
I will show, in this series, that the claimed 33c enhancement from those gases does not exist.
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Holmes, R. I. (2018). Thermal Enhancement on Planetary Bodies and the Relevance of the Molar Mass Version of the Ideal Gas Law to the Null Hypothesis of Climate Change. Earth, 7(3), 107-123.
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