NEW CAR DAY! Collecting My Dad's BMW M2 Competition by Shmee150   8 months ago

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My Dad has bought himself a new BMW M2 Competition! Adding to his garage alongside the Aston Martin DB11 the new BMW has been bought from Tony TRLdeals at Berry BMW Heathrow so we head over for collection day to pick it up and go for a first drive!

The BMW M2 Competition is quickly proving to be a big hit, with a lot of car for the money coming off the back of a few changes from the earlier M2. As you may know, Marc (Shmee150 business manager) has one, and also we are joined in this video by Joe Achilles - quite literally Mr BMW - who has recently picked up his too. A big thanks has to go to Tony @trldeals for handling the sale of the car, if you're keen for a new BMW (particularly M cars) then you have to reach out to him!

Starting off at the showroom we head inside the check out the new car with Joe and Tony, before pulling the covers back to reveal the spec in Hockenheim Silver and go over the options that it has fitted. Then it's time to pull it out to go for the first few miles on the road - being gentle as it's being run in. No doubt there will be many questions about why my Dad is not on camera; well it's just preferred to have some more privacy but still be able to share the car.

If you'd like to reach out to Tony, you can contact him via:

Again thanks to my friend Joe Achilles for coming down:

And of course to Berry BMW Heathrow:

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Thanks for watching, Tim


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