We Joined a SORORITY! | Can You Guess Which One? by Brooklyn and Bailey   8 months ago

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You guys, we've had such a crazy week! We decided to join a #sorority at Baylor, and #recruitment week was super INTENSE! In this recruitment video, you'll see EXACTLY what joining a sorority was like for us from Day 1, to #BidDay. Would y’all ever join a sorority??

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We couldn't film the entire recruitment process, obviously, because some of the meetings contained private and super special traditions that are confidential to each sorority. So out of respect to them all, we filmed the activities surrounding the week to give you a sneak peek into what recruitment is like, including Bid Day!

At #Baylor University, there are several rules during recruitment week that everyone takes very seriously. One of the main ones being that you can't talk to anyone (even your friends) who have already gone through recruitment, or are already in a sorority. This is so that your experience with each sorority is as unbiased and organic as possible, with everyone ultimately choosing the one that feels the most right for them.

There are different activities going on each day of the recruitment week, and each day is PACKED with things to do! It was so much fun, but seriously very exhausting! 😅 Throughout the week, you basically meet with every different sorority and narrow down to which groups you click with the most. Each day, the sororities decide if they want to invite you back for the next day to get to know your further, and you also personally decide which sororities you want to move forward with, eliminating those you aren't interested in. Combining those two lists will determine your meetings for the next day.

You guys, this process was SO difficult! We loved so many things about each of the sororities, so making cuts each day was seriously tough. You really just have to go with your gut when it comes to this, otherwise you’ll just never be able to make a decision! 🙈

Bailey & I decided to not tell each other which sororities we liked and disliked throughout the week, because we wanted to each choose what felt right to us (even if it meant ending up in different sororities). This was the hardest part of the week BY FAR, because we always tell each other everything!

Some of the sororities we met with were as follows:

Alpha Delta Pi (A D Pi)
Alpha Chi Omega (A Chi O)
Chi Omega (Chi O)
Delta Delta Delta (Tri Delta)
Kappa Alpha Theta (Theta)
Kappa Kappa Gamma (Kappa)
Pi Beta Phi (Pi Phi)
Zeta Tau Alpha (Zeta)

Bid Day was SUPER nerve-racking, but Bailey & I are SO happy with our decision!! We both received and accepted bids from our own individual top sorority choices, and we are over the moon about it!

This was one of the most exhausting weeks of our lives, but also one of the most fun and memorable. I can’t wait to make tons of new memories with my new sorority sisters! Gurls, love the sisterhood! But first… time for a nap. 😴

What did you guys think was the most fun and exciting part of this week's vlog?? Are you planning on joining a sorority? If so, which one? Comment below!

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