805Hp/9.500Rpm Opel Kadett C GT/R V8 || Lotus 5.7 LT5 Engine Swap by HillClimb Monsters   7 months ago

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Holger Hovemann has created and developed one of the most brutal Monsters in European Hillclimb Racing. Taking bodywork based on one of the most popular cars in the Berg-Cup series, the Kadett C, the engine used then on this machine is the V8 from a Lotus Elise GT1 unit (dubbed LT5), here producing 805Hp/9.500Rpm. Much of its underpinnings come from the Corvette ZR-1 and it is pretty much one of the most ambitious projects of the last decade in European HillClimb Racing.

Also because of that, it is also one that has suffered from many setbacks during the last years, passing most of the 2018 Season being recovered after some major Engine issues. The final clip you can watch on this video is exactly the first time this machine was fired up after the major rebuild it went through until earlier this year.

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