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Over the years, boxing has given us a lot of drama. There are so many exciting matches that it makes it impossible to cover them all. However, some fights really made a lasting impression. In this episode, we will show you the 3 most memorable fights in boxing history.

0:36 Number 1. Larry Holmes vs Jerry Cooney - The battle took place on June 11th, 1982 - Larry Holmes was the heavyweight champion of the WBC since 1978. This was of the most highly anticipated fights of the early 1980s. The hopes of the light skin majority were not justified: another Big White Hope was sent to the outskirts of boxing history when Holmes defeated Cooney.

6:02 Number 2. Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao - This battle was held on May 2, 2015 in Las Vegas. The stakes were high - three champion belts at welterweight and the first line in the ranking of the best boxers in the world according to The Ring magazine. In addition, specifically for this fight the WBC organization made a very expensive championship belt. This duel was named the biggest money fight in the history of boxing.

12:14 Number 3. Andrew Golota vs Corey Sanders - in July 1998 Andrew has entered the ring against Sanderson. Regardless of his status which one would not call prominent, the fight turned out to be really intense! In this entertaining duel the Polish has got victory over his opponent, Sanders got the incision over his right eye.

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