Last ramble (I swear) - OSRS accounts and YouTube updates by fl0f   1 year ago

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After waking from a 2 hour nap on a Tuesday afternoon, a mildly exhausted pker attempts to feed his hungry stomach by eating a freshly baked baguette recently purchased from the local grocery store down the road. After ingesting the best carb he's eaten all day, he decides to log into his OSRS accounts to make an update video that nobody will actually listen to. Meeting his match for the 3rd time today, counting the rush hour traffic, he logs in only to find hotel WiFi has rendered his clicks delayed and broken, much like his mental state. After 15 minutes of recording a ramble vlog, talking to himself in a cold, quiet room, he uploads his work to the WorldWide Internet where he'll probably receive half a dozen comments telling him to eat shit

(I didn't try too hard writing this description, soz)

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