How to Create a Faux Hand Painted Tile Backsplash by Lowe's Home Improvement   7 years ago

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Love the look of hand painted tile? Try this easy DIY alternative that you can paint in an afternoon. This pattern may look a little complicated, but it has very simple steps. Find project details here:

First, mark out a grid. With chalk, lightly mark horizontal lines, 9 inches apart. Use the same measurement to mark off vertical lines, 9 inches apart. Cut a foam core square 9 in x 9 in and cut a diamond in the middle. Use this stencil to trace a diamond in the middle of each square, and at the intersections of each tile square.

Fill in the diamonds with a color slightly darker than your base coat. Paint all of the horizontal and vertical lines you laid out in your grid. Outline all of your diamonds. Paint horizontal lines connecting the points of each of your diamonds in your faux tiles. Do the same with vertical lines. You can also add lines to create additional diamonds in the middle of your tiles.

Create this look anywhere you want the look of old world hand painted tile, like on your kitchen walls or for a faux tile kitchen backsplash.

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