New Whittlesea Trucks by VictorianGarbo®   1 year ago

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I have had a handful of people ask to see the new trucks so I thought it would be best if I made a compilation of all three collections featuring the new trucks under the new JJ Richards contract for Whittlesea City Council. After a not so successful end that Visy endured in more recent times, the new JJ Richards contract was pushed 2 months forward and will begin on the 30th (tomorrow). In the new contract is yet again Volvo's but with a more advanced system especially a system called J Track which holds a range of features such as routes to every tip facility in Melbourne and also the main feature which gives the driver the ability to either report a bin, report a damage bin, shows the driver where it has picked up so far and what bins he will be picking up next and much more. The new Volvo cabs come with comfort many more features you wont get in an Acco. The bodies is also a new design which is a light weight design although you can still fit on the same amount as you did with the previous body designs well depending on what sort of body you have such as a Standard or DAV (Compact body). I enjoyed watching these trucks in operation and the signage has been re-thought very thoroughly with the Green-Waste one standing out the most in my eyes. Cheers to the friendly crew for letting me grab a video and best of luck with JJ Richards as they regain their former territory. Enjoy! ;) ;) ;)

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